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Hangover Doubles 2011

7 January 2011

Welcome to Hangover Doubles Radley style – we believe an original production.  Has anyone before ever played a game of doubles serving from the hazard end (no chases on serves)?  The game was embellished with bisques (a point which can be claimed once at any time in the set) as long as the claimant wore a silly hat. 

The real tennis strategists/geeks were out in force trying to fathom the tactical intricacies and in particular the advantages of serving or receiving. When the handicap difference is extreme and the weaker player is serving, the stronger player can find it extremely difficult to force a change of ends. Conversely, if the stronger player is serving, he does not necessarily want to lay any chases and see him changing ends again!?).

The bottom line is that this is an immensely fun game for all, that awakened the body and brain on Jan 1st, 2nd and 3rd and resulted in an all male Boddington and Boddington related family final, thankfully won by the far more capable Ben and Rupert. 

The worldwide rights to this new game have graciously been ceded to me [by inventor – Chris Ronaldson] in the hope that Match of the Day may soon have some serious competition! Will do my best but, if not able to reach these modest heights as quickly as we would all like, roll on Jan 1st 2012!

Andrew Leslau 

[Ed: Next year’s event will include additional sporting and social challenges for participants and anyone foolish enough to be in the vicinity and will have the health warning “May Contain Nuts!]

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