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The Boomerang Cup, Royal Melbourne Tennis Club, January 2011

13 January 2011

Nick Manby-Brown writes:       

Match Report No 2

The Boomerang is a doubles tournament where each team plays 4 matches in a pool of 5 or 6 teams. Each match consists of 4 sets – first to 8, and no player can play in more than 2 sets.

Our second match took place on Tuesday morning at 8am, which followed the Welcome Cocktail Party which took place at The Melbourne Club. Most of us then went out for the evening afterwards with your captain being the worst behaved having been seen drinking upstairs on the balcony of the
Supper Club.!!

The captain was further disadvantaged by a worker called Brendan arriving at 7am to pressure clean his hosts house and slipping on the wet leaves. The captain was seen by his hosts (in his night attire) holding Brendan’s hand and making sure that he didn’t lose consciousness. The paramedics were called and took over the care of the patient.

Our opponents were the RMTC Eagles, twice past winners of the Boomerang Cup. Their handicaps were much lower than ours, ranging from 21 to 35.

We arrived at the Cub at 7.45 and immediately went on court to practice and start the match at 8am. Nick and Euahna were the first pairing and combined well to win 8-4. We decided to pair Roger and Alfred together again and they had a slightly closer game, winning 8-6. Our third pairing was Euahna
and!! Roger who played well again and won 8-6.

The last member of the team to arrive was David Baldry who landed at 6.45am and who managed to arrive to see the first start of the first match at 8am – he obviously hadn’t had a problem at customs!!! Unfortunately, jet lag didn’t help his game, and he and Alfred lost 5-8.

So the Radley team has now won 2 matches, and if we manage to win one of our next 2 matches, we shall proceed to the last 16. Our next match is against the Harwick Hooligans at 8pm today (Wednesday), which is 9am Radley time.

It’s very warm and humid, and there is heavy rain. We’re all very concerned by the news and pictures of the floods in Queensland and now Brisbane.

We’re all having fun still.

[To find more about RMTC]

Match Report No 3

We lost. Not by much. 2 sets all. 23 games won to 25 lost – I think – but does it matter? We lost !!! And it’s raining. Heavily.

I’ll send a fuller report when I wake up – 4 hours sleep having got to bed at 5am, and the sad news about Radley’s loss, has made me tongue-tied.!!!

A great evening at the MCC in the Long Room overlooking the wicket, and dancing afterwards at the RMTC until early morning did help the captain’s mood however. And now three of us are off to some valley or other for a wine tour. So life is not too bad !!!

More later

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