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World Champion at Radley!

4 May 2013

Rob Fahey, the World Champion, visited Radley to play an exhibition against John Lumley on Monday 29 April 2013.  Amazingly, Rob has held the title without a break since 1994, when John was just a year old.

Members and guests packed into all available space to make the most of this rare opportunity to watch top class tennis just a few feet from the action.  The prospect of a feast of sporting excellence was easy to see in the faces of those gathered; refreshments provided by Michael & Vanessa Naylor, who kindly sponsored the event, added a  rosy glow to those faces.

Before marking the match, Chris Ronaldson introduced the players noting their achievements saying in his opinion John is currently the best young player in the world while Rob is probably the best player to have ever played Real Tennis. Certainly after the exhibition of skill, disguise, agility, force, speed and touch no one present would argue with those words.  A truly inspiring and memorable evening.

Pictures below are courtesy of James Williams.


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