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Brodie Cup 2016/7

12 March 2017

The Radley team, led by Maggie Henderson-Tew defeated Oxford University RTC by three rubbers to two in the Brodie Cup Final at The Hyde court near Bridport on Sun 11 March 2017. Victory was particularly sweet as this was the club’s third Final in four years and the first victory.

Brodie Cup Winners 2016/7

The match was played in tremendously good spirit; ferociously competitive, extremely sporting and with friendly rivalry.   The team’s commitment, enthusiasm and skill were obvious from the first round of the competition and even more evident during the weekend of the final.

Recognition must be given to all those who played for and supported the team throughout the season and especially to Maggie Henderson-Tew for her enthusiastic and meticulous leadership. The squad included: ‎James Mallinson, Maggie Henderson-Tew, Ben Yorston, Oliver Martyn-Hemphill, Freddie White, Ed Crowston, Lorrayne Gracie, Paul Kettle, Ned Batstone, Giles Fitzpatrick, Hugo Axel-Berg and Adam Jeffrey.

The cup, now gleaming, is reason enough to submit our application for the 2017/8 competition.

The detailed results of the final are as follows (Radley names first):

 Handicap 45 Doubles: Ed Crowston & Lorrayne Gracie v Harry Lawes and Oscar Marshall 5-6, 2-6.

Handicap 30 Singles: Paul Kettle v Mark Fischel 6-5, 3-6, 6-5

Handicap 40 Singles: Ned ‎Batstone v Chris Lintott 6-2, 6-2

Handicap 50 Singles: Giles Fitzpatrick v Natalie Barber 6-3, 6-2

Handicap 35 Doubles: Hugo Axel-Berg & Adam Jeffrey v Jean de Pourtales and Douglas Holden 1-6, 1-6


Brodie Cup – Oxford v Radley Replicated from the Tennis and Rackets Association 2017 Easter Newsletter.

There was no sign of any rivalry between these two teams despite it being a local derby of some distinction.

Harry Lawes & Oscar Marshall v Lorrayne Gracie & Ed Crowston. This was a great match to start. Both teams were playing well and set a high benchmark for the others to follow. From the quality of the rallies it was obvious that these pairings were very evenly matched even though the score may not have reflected how close the match was. 6/4 6/2.

Mark Fischel v Paul Kettle. Mark and Paul had the closest match of the day. Both players were playing with a lot of intensity; Paul’s technique was matched by Mark’s energy. But in the end Paul’s experience pulled through winning the eleventh game of the third set in a nail-biting deciding point. 5/6 6/3 5/6.

Chris Lintott v Ned Batstone. In a match that appeared to be one-sided both players played very well. But it became apparent early on that Ned was playing to a level much lower than his handicap suggests. Chris made a match of it, but was the first to admit that he had been beaten by a better player. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Ned was playing in the first string of this competition next year. 2/6 2/6.

Natalie Barber v Giles Fitzpatrick. Giles got off to a great start putting Natalie under pressure with his backhand drag serve. Natalie staged a first set comeback but it was too late – Giles won 6/3. But try as hard as she could, Natalie couldn’t find a chink in Giles’ armour and an almost flawless performance saw him take the second set 6/2. 3/6 2/6.

Jean De Pourtales & Doug Holden v Hugo Axel-Berg & Adam Jeffrey. With the competition already decided, Jean and Doug were playing for pride. Hugo and Adam having already won as a team were perhaps a little too relaxed. Had this been a must win match, it could well have been a much closer rubber, but on the day Jean and Doug played flawlessly and with a little extra impetus behind them went on to win with relative ease. 6/1 6/1.

Many thanks to Pol Roger for sponsoring the Brodie Cup. Also thanks to the T&RA for all their support. And finally thanks to both teams – between Pol Roger, Oxford and Radley, the final was a very enjoyable occasion.

Brodie Cup Finalists 2016-7

Brodie Cup Finalists 2016-7

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