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The Court

Lawn tennis is played on a rectangular court marked out on a surface without side or end walls. Before the first Wimbledon championship in 1877 lawn tennis courts were hour-glass in shape with the net at the narrow centre.

Tennis, or Real Tennis, is played in a specially constructed court with walls on four sides.

Generic layout of a real tennis court (not to scale)

No two tennis courts are exactly alike. The length and width of courts often vary. Other differences occur in the width or angle of the penthouse roof above the corridor and in the width of the tambour. The materials used to construct floors, walls and penthouses vary from court to court, these differences affect the bounce of the balls that are all handmade.

The number of courts has risen in the last thirty years. Radley College court, built in 2008, is the newest court. Despite there being no more than a few thousand Tennis players in the world, they make up in keenness for any lack in numbers. There are amateur, professional open and world competitions.

The Tennis and Rackets Association maintains full details of therules of Real Tennis on the linked website:

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